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Center for Racehorse Retraining 501c(3)

The Center for Racehorse Retraining, based out of Chugwater, Wyoming, aims to raise awareness about OTTBs and their ability to excel in a variety of disciplines. CRR also strives to create a network of trainers and homes throughout the United States, in order to better provide for OTTBs upon the completion of their racing careers. Our facility resides on 2500 acres of open Wyoming prairie where horses live in a large herd and deal with all kinds of natural terrain. We also have an indoor arena with a lameness exam area, and various smaller turnouts. CRR's main goal is to facilitate the rehoming and rehabilitation for horses directly from the track or at the end of their breeding career. Founded by Kate Anderson in 2016, to date the Center for Racehorse Retraining has homed over 180 OTTBs across the country, helping them to find new careers in a wide variety of disciplines from family pets to sporthorses.

What does CRR do?

The trainers at the Center for Racehorse Retraining employ a background in classical training, a theory based on lightness, to help OTTBs rehabilitate and find their new potential. Trainers focus on helping horses rebuild their bodies post-racing by utilizing a slow, gentle and individualized approach. In addition to continued training, CRR also does rehabilitation and provides a sanctuary for permanent retirees. With the advantage of spacious turnouts of rolling hills and plains in southeast Wyoming to explore, OTTBs have plenty of space for let-down after the conclusion of their racing careers. The unique setting offers a premier environment for strengthening and improving hoof quality and rebuilding body condition after retirement. 

For the Center for Racehorse Retraining, becoming TAA accredited offers the opportunity to better serve more OTTBs in all aspects of retraining, rehabilitation and sanctuary. Through affiliation with TAA, the Center for Racehorse Retraining is excited to expand our services to a greater number of OTTBs.

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