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Foaling Services

Golden Creek Equine is happy to offer foaling services. With multiple barns with large, and a total of 12 stalls with heaters, cameras and the Foalert system we are able to give quality twenty-four-hour care to all expecting mares. Our team has dealt with all the highs and lows with foaling, and has the experience to properly handle dystocia's', orphan foals, and more. Contact us for availability and rates!

Main Foaling Barn

Twelve hours post foaling and the foal nursing we administer an IgG Snap Test to ensure the foal recieved its mother's colostrum, vital to the foal. This is a simple blood test that takes only ~10 minutes. 

Each foal after an acceptable IgG Snap Test, begins on a clostridium protocol for a week. Bio-Sponge is given two times daily for 6 days along with Metronidazole which is given two times daily for 5 days. This is also accompanied by chlorhexidine sprayed on the umbilicus. 


Progeny of GCE

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